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Thurso Surf Waterwalker 126 Review (10’6’’ SUP) – 2021


  • Rigid and durable construction
  • Lighter board and paddle compared to the previous year model
  • Compact dual-chamber pump 
  • Paddle holder on the side
  • High weight capacity 
  • Removable fins for easier packing
  • Versatile
  • Stylish design
  • Generous amount of cargo storage
  • High quality included accessories
  • Solid feel when paddling


  • No second action mount



In hurry? Here’s What Matters Most

Thurso Surf Waterwalker 126 is best for smaller paddlers.

Measuring 10’6″ x 31″ x 6″ and weighing 24 lbs, this all-around SUP maintain good tracking and still easy to turn.

From beginners to experienced paddlers, Waterwalker 126 is a versatile SUP that can handle some light chop with its carbon rails and raised nose rocker and is perfect for still water with its width of 31″.

At 10’6” long, Waterwalker 126 glide is smooth and fast.

This versatile all-around SUP is best for getting a little bit of everything, from light racing and touring to a little bit of yoga.

Other than the board itself, you will also get high-quality accessories, like a dual-chamber triple-action pump, a quality backpack, and a repair kit that includes adhesive.

For features, you have an action mount to takes memories and plenty of D-rings to attach accessories or a kayak seat.

The lightweight carbon fiber paddle makes you push yourself for less effort.

If you are a tall paddler, Waterwalker 126 may feel less stable for you

If you are an adult paddler on the smaller side, this value-packed SUP will be fun to use.



Waterwalker 126 paddleboard is best for

Waterwalker 126 will be fun to use for beginners to paddlers with some little experience playing on large open water areas, with minimal activity, and don’t require hard turns. 

With its narrower width, Waterwalker 126 is best for smaller adult paddlers or kids who outgrown the Prodigy Junior board.

With its well-built construction, Waterwalker 126 is best for paddlers that look for durable SUP.

If you want a board with a little bit of speed, stability, tracking, and space for gears to start enjoying water sports, Waterwalker 126 is best for you.

Aesthetically, with its wood grain look, Waterwalker 126 is a good choice for paddlers that like classic styles.

Difference between Waterwalker 126 2020 and 2021 model

The most important difference between Waterwalker 2020 and the 2021 model is the transition from the standard drop-stitch construction to a woven one.

This transition is the most important for me because it made it lighter by 4 lbs but more rigid when inflated.

The rest is just aesthetical.

While the wood grain look was limited to Waterwalker 132 in 2020, now (2021) you can get this unique design for your Waterwalker 126 also. 

The deck pad also gets textured with little Thurso logos which is not common between medium-priced paddleboards.

Another slight aesthetical difference is the center stripe that was removed from the deck pad in Waterwalker 126 2021 model.



Board dimensions 10’6″ x 31” x 6”
Volume 270 L
Board Category  All-Around inflatable
Listed Best-for Capacity 130-180 lbs
Board Weight 24 lbs
SUP and accessories Weight 43.6 lbs
Materials Woven drop-stitch core and, 2-layers of military-grade PVC and carbon fiber reinforced rails
List Price

$824 (Medium price range)

Check current price

Returns period 30 Day Guarantee
Warranty 2 years limited warranty on the board 

Difference between Waterwalker 126, 120, and 132

Thurso Surf Waterwalker series has three different sizes, the Waterwalker 126 that we are reviewing, the Waterwalker 132 who is best for tandem and stability, and the smallest board (but still bigger than the Prodigy Junior board) the Waterwalker 120, which is best for youth. 

Comparing Waterwalker 126 to his big brother, he is shorter by 6″ and narrower by 1”.

This slightly smaller platform makes Waterwalker 126 less stable in choppy water, compared to Waterwalker 132, but glides a little smoother through the water with less resistance.

Due to its limited surface, Waterwalker 126 is not the greatest in the Waterwalker series for paddling with a dog or kid.

For leash compatibility, there is no difference between Waterwalker 126 and the 132 leashes, so both leashes match both boards.


Thurso Surf is a Toronto-based company that was started in 2016 (or 2017, I’m not sure).

What makes this company different from a lot of its competitors is that it was co-founded by Shenglong You

From Beihang University, Shenglong You get his bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering. At the University of Toronto, he enrolled in graduate studies in Aerospace Studies and the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering to pursue a Ph.D. and he has a background in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) due to his research.

This knowledge must have an impact on the products they make.

Thurso Surf gives plenty of choices by its lineup of 7 SUPs with different sizes and interests.

Being available in the US, Canada, UK, and many countries in Europe, Thurso Surf products come with a 30-day guarantee (learn more) and a 2-year manufacturer’s limited warranty (learn more).

Thurso Surf customer service is pleasant to deal with.

Performance review

  • Construction

The 2020 Waterwalker 126 is built to be a very durable SUP, its construction consists of a woven drop-stitch core and a tough exterior with 2-layers of military-grade PVC.

The woven drop-stitch core means two pieces of polyester fabric that are joined by tens of thousands of fine threads.

The first layer of the military-grade PVC protects the core and the second layer adds rigidity with two sheets of PVC + UV coat.

The added rigidity means added stability.

If this is not enough for you, both side rails that can take a lot of abuse are also built with two layers of dual PVC coatings, reinforced with carbon fiber to be more rigid. 

All these skins are what make Waterwalker 126 resist cuts and punctures and a performance-focused board.

  • Maneuverability

Waterwalker 126 is responsive and capable of easy turning due to its narrower shape and the 4 lbs that is dropped from its weight.

For rapid turns, this board is short enough to easily perform a backheel turn, without sacrificing its good tracking ability.

If you want a SUP board with great maneuverability to dodge obstacles that you may encounter, Waterwalker 126 is a good choice.

  • Speed

Waterwalker 126 speed is not fast like a racing or a touring SUP, but he remains close. This is meant to be because he is an all-around SUP board.


If you are after a faster SUP, check the Thurso Surf Expedition Touring, which is better at maintaining its momentum.

  • Glide

With the 3 fins, the Waterwalker 126 has a smooth and steady glide above expectations.

  • Tracking

Tracking has more to do with the paddler than the board, this is why some paddlers may experience great tracking while others not.

If you are still a beginner, no problem, because, with the Waterwalker 126, it’s quicker to level up your paddling technique, which means staying in a straight line will become easy.

  • Stability

The same thing with stability, your experience plays a huge role in board stability.

Compared to the Waterwalker 132, Waterwalker 126 is less stable due to its narrower width. Other than that, he also dropped some weight which results in less stability.

But with its well-built construction, even beginners will not struggle in flat water, and as you gain experience you will be able to maintain balance in small and rapid waves without break over.



  • Action mount in the front

Starting by the front end of the Waterwalker 132, you have an M8 threaded action mount point that lets you attach your GoPro or cell phone to get epic video memories or a Bluetooth speaker to listen to your favorite podcast while you enjoy your paddling session. 

  • Grab handles

Behind the action mount, there is the first front grab handle that lets you carry your board in and out of the water.

There are two other ones, one in the center to let you carry your board when you are solo and the third grab handle is at the tail of the board, that let another person help you carrying the board or to elevate the fins from the ground to prevent damaging them when you are carrying it solo.

  • Front bungee storage area

Behind the front grab handle, you have the main bungee storage area.

This bungee storage area uses removable bungee and 6 D-rings to store everything from your dry bag to your footwear.

  • Center 4 D-rings

At the center of the board, there are 4 stainless steel D-rings to attach the Turso Surf kayak seat or making a bigger bungee storage area.

  • Side paddle holder

Still at the center of the board, on the right side, you have two velcro straps that are ideal to keep your paddle secure and out of your way when not in use.

This feature is very useful when you stop to relax or when you want to swim. 

  • Deck pad

Staying at the center of the board, but this time closer to the tail than the nose, you have the comfortable EVA foam deck pad.

Textured with tiny Thurso logos, these grooves provide a solid grip even when wet, that beginners need while they are still learning.

The EVA foam provides good cushioning to not hurt your feet when you stand on it for a long period.

The big size of this deck pad makes it big enough to stretch or lay on it, while you are above water.

  • Back bungee storage area

If you have something small that you want to keep outside of your big dry bag, you can store it behind you in the little 4 D-rings back bungee storage area.

  • Leash D-ring

You have a D-ring to attach your leash between the back bungee storage area and the back grab handle. 

Attaching your board to your body using the leash makes sure to keep your board close to you if you fall from it.

  • 2+1 fins

The three removable fins (in a 2+1 setup) are easy to remove and do not require any tool because they use a lever lock.

The ability to remove all of the fins makes the board easy to transport and store, especially when you have more than one board.

Other than the compactness of the board without fins, this ability to remove the fins makes it more flexible for different needs and water conditions. 

Included accessories review

  • Dual-Chamber and Triple-Action Pump

The pump that is included with Waterwalker 126 (2021) has dual chambers to make it faster and the triple-action feature to make inflating easier for you.

This dual-chamber pump can inflate your board in less than 10 minutes.

2020 pump (similar)

The first mode lets you inflate your board from both chambers and on the upstroke and the downstroke when the inflating is still easier at the beginning.

When things start to get harder, you can easily make things a little bit easier by switching to the second mode to get air from both chambers but only on the downstroke.

At the end of inflating, when things get really hard but you still need a few PSIs, you can switch to the last mode to get air from one chamber and only on the downstroke.

If this is your first time using a SUP board pump, Thurso Surf got your back by giving you an easy to follow instructions that will not be lost because they are printed on the back of the pump.

Other than inflating, this pump is also able to deflate your board for easy fit inside the backpack.

The Waterwalker 126 needs between 11 and 15 PSI and my tip for you is to inflate it closer to the max if you are on the heavier side or you plan to paddle with your dog or with another person.

2020 pump (similar)

The last useful feature of this pump is the pressure gauge that lets you know how much pressure is in the board to know how much still needed to complete the process.

  • 3-piece carbon fiber shaft paddle

Even there are lighter paddles in the market, this one remains the best as an included paddle.

This carbon fiber shart and carbon/nylon blend blade make it lightweight to not need more effort from you.

The T-grip handle is comfortable and grippy even when wet.

Being able to separate the 3 pieces that are built with makes it easy to fit in tight spaces and adjustable from 68’’ to 84’’ for any adult paddler height, and can be converted to a kayak paddle if you have an extra blade.

If it falls to water by accident, this paddle has the feature of floating on water, to make itself easy to recover.

  • Premium quality wheeled SUP backpack

Like the well-thought pump, the WaterWalker 126 (2021) backpack is also incredibly well-made.

The heavyweight materials make it durable

Because it is roomy, it can easily fit the board and let you extra space to store safety gears like a PFD, or anything you may want for paddling activity like food and water.

Stating by the front side, this backpack has a large zippered pocket to store things with easy access. On top of this large pocket, you have another smaller one that lets you see what’s inside with velcro closure.





The two roller wheels are smooth on a hard surface, and they are placed on the front of the backpack to avoid getting your straps caught or dirty. This wheel placement makes them also away from your back when you wear the backpack

Moving to the sides, you have a total of four compressions straps to squish the load closer to your back for balance and better weight transfer.

To load and unload the backpack from your car, you have two grab handles on the side and a third one on the top.

The reinforced bottom of this backpack makes it able to stand up on its own

The adjustable shoulder straps can fit tall and short adults, and they may be less padded for some users.

The rear of this backpack features a breathable mesh lining that covers a comfortable cushion.

The hip belt is not that padded but it’s adjustable for different fitting, its role is to transfer the majority of the backpack weight to your lower body instead of your shoulder and back.

Be cautious, the straps of this backpack are comfortable for a short time transporting and not while hiking.

Entering the interior of this backpack, this backpack has some pockets for additional storage and organization and compression straps to secure the board in its place.

  • Coiled SUP leash

The SUP leash is a safety device that ensures your board stays close in case you fall off.

This leash features dual swivels and a coiled cord to not impact your SUP experience.

For compatibility, the Waterwalker 126 leash match Waterwalker 132 board.

  • Repair Kit

To quickly repair your board, the Thurso Surf repair kit includes a water-insoluble adhesive, two PVC patches, a wrench to tighten the inflation valve, and three replacement clips for the lever lock fins and I should not forget the little adhesive applying brush.

Optional Accessories and Repair Parts

If you want to upgrade your Waterwalker 126, Thurso offers you additional accessories like:

They have also replacement parts like:

Warranty & Returns Info

If you encounter any manufacturer defect within the first 2 years, Thurso Surf backs you with a  warranty that lets you choose between replacing your board or getting a refund.

Learn more about the warranty policy here.

With Thurso guarantee, you have 30 days to see if you are satisfied with the product, and if it’s not the case, you can return it and ask for a full refund. 

Learn more about the return policy here.

Want to get one at a discount

Check this page to get the latest SUP discount codes and best deals.  

I highly recommend you purchase from the US official website to get the lowest price and not be charged with shipping costs or sales tax.




Thurso Surf Waterwalker 126 (2021) is a jack of all trades but a master at none, this ability makes it good for you if you want a little bit of everything.

It has the needed tracking and speed to get fun at light touring and racing, its acceptable stability and big deck pad make it suitable for stretching and a little bit of yoga on flat water.

Its well-built construction makes it appreciated by experienced paddlers, and its easy maneuverability makes it good for beginners.

In the end, if you want an all-around paddleboard with quality included accessories for a mid-range price, Waterwalker 126 (2021) is best for you.

Images courtesy of Thurso Surf

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